What is Tongue Tie?

with tongue-tie, the latch "looks good" but no one can explain bad nipple pain and damage
in some cases, the baby is very gassy (sign of poor latch, poor seal
a tongue-tied baby makes compensations for not being able to latch correctly (because he can't raise his tongue far enough) so will chew instead of sucking and the nipple will be compressed -what is the shape of nipple when he comes off (beveled like end of lipstick?)
tongue-tied babies will sometimes use their lips to compress the breast since they can't use their tongues properly - see if baby has sucking blisters on lips which (whether tongue-tied or not) signifies a poor latch
tongue-tied babies use their tongues in other ways since they can't latch properly -it humps up in the back and rubs the nipple - see if it feels like she's being sanded with sand paper on the nipple during feedings
one person could see the motion of his cheek was more chewing than wavelike motion is frenulum under the upper lip tight? Dr. Coryllos has noticed sometimes tight frenulums come in pairs (a baby with a tight lingual frenulum often has a tight upper labial frenulum) Keep in mind nobody around here thought it was tongue tie. Type 3 and 4 are not easily seen unless you really know what to look for. You can only really tell by the way the baby uses his tongue. Dr. Jack doesn't put a lot of stock in type 3 and 4 tongue-tie yet so he wouldn't have thought that was an issue (unless it was type 1 or 2 which someone probably would have noticed by now).
Does the baby have a high palate? This is a sign of tongue-tie
Does the baby gag easily/often? Another sign due to high palate
(baby not used to anything touching palate) Does baby come off breast fairly easily or does mom need to hold it very carefully for him to stay on? (It may not be tongue-tie but it does sound like a shallow latch as tongue-tied babies have)
When the baby is crying, does his tongue raise to the roof of his mouth or does it look almost plastered to the floor of his mouth
(not raised much at all)?
tongue-tie is 6 times more common among boys and more common than we know as it's not always diagnosed (especially types 3 and 4)
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If you suspect it, call or email Catherine Watson Genna in NY and she can send digital pics for diagnosis Sponsored by: Danjo Creations.ca